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Former Planned Parenthood Worker Exposes What's Really Going on at the Abortion Giant

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Back in July of 2017, Christian radio host Dr Michael Brown had a guest on his show who very openly discussed the ugly truth about what is going on inside of Planned Parenthood.  The Christian woman was a single mother who found herself in need of a job and the administrative position seemed like a good fit but quickly she found herself at odds with the practices going on inside the building.  Throughout her interview, she gave a very vivid picture of the horror that is Planned Parenthood and why this organization needs to be eradicated.

Today, we are pleased to share that the woman caller, Crystal, has left Planned Parenthood and is advocating for the lives of the unborn. In both 2017 and 2018, she participated in our Celebrate Life prayer walks, giving not only a powerful first hand testimony of what goes on inside of an abortion center but of the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

"Those women sitting on those tables in that abortion center, they are scared" said Crystal. "They believe that going through with the abortion is their only choice, and it's not. I've seen those babies fight on the ultrasound. I've turned the switch on, on the suction."

Speaking of women leaving the clinic after an abortion, Crystal said "They don't leave shouting their abortion. They don't leave proclaiming 'my body my choice' they leave wondering how they're going to face the next day and often times they have nowhere to turn, nobody to go to because they are so alone."

And the babies? "They're put in a bowl. They're put into a pyrex dish to count parts and then they're all thrown into one big red biohazard bag and are tossed into a freezer. That's what happens to those babies."

In probably the most moving part of her message, Crystal turned to address a group of abortion clinic escorts watching from a distance. "I love you God bless you. I know that you do care about women. But if you want to walk away, we're here to help you walk away. [The Church] helped me walk away and my life is better for it."

In the last three and a half years, we've seen more than 20 abortion workers leave clinics in cities where we have been uniting and mobilizing The Church. It is a complex and often times scary step for them to take, but they need help. We are committed to standing along side men and women who leave the abortion industry in every way possible, from providing financial and emotional support to helping them find new employment etc.

Would you consider making a donation so that more women like Crystal have the support they need to break free from the abortion industry? Donate HERE

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