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Healing and Redemption - Natalie's Story

It would be an understatement to say my life has been profoundly changed by being a part of Love Life.

My journey to healing began on March 5th of last year; the same day Love Life started the 2016 campaign. That is the day God began rescuing me from the hopeless undoing of my life,  which had occurred over the past 13 years. To my surprise, I was arrested that night and spent the next 36 hours with 4 walls, God and the Bible. I was completely broken. It was then that I had an encounter with God and finally surrendered my life completely to Jesus. My prayer was for God to heal and redeem all the broken pieces of my life. Over the next 5 months, God moved in mine and my five children’s lives restoring the broken places. 

After that first walk, my heart was completely broken and I went home and sobbed for hours. God had brought me back to the very place where the most devastating day of my life had happened Nov 19, 2003, when I was 16 years old and had an abortion at the Latrobe clinic. Over the next 6 weeks following the abortion, I attempted to take my own life 3 times.

After the last attempt, I found out I was pregnant with my now 12 year-old daughter. God had mercy on my soul. You have to know, when I came to the Latrobe clinic 13 years ago, there was literally no one praying or interceding on the sidewalks, there wasn’t an RV giving free ultrasounds or offering counseling . THERE WAS NO ONE!  I’m so grateful that has all changed! 

After my first Prayer Walk, I knew God was calling me to join with Love Life each week on their  Saturday Prayer Walks. Over the next 2 weeks, I went and praised Jesus and began interceding for the families who were in the same shoes I found myself 13 years earlier. During this time, I was able to grieve and mourn the loss of my precious baby who is with the Good Shepherd.  At last, I knew I was in a  safe place, surrounded with support, encouragement, and the love of Jesus.  Because of the open arms of grace and mercy through the Love Life Team, I had the  courage to share my testimony for the first time on Nov 12.  The chains of guilt, shame and condemnation that held me for 13 years where finally broken, once and for all!

I continued to pray for God to use the broken pieces of my life to bring him Glory. In September a friend of mine “liked” Love Life on Facebook and I immediately felt led to get my church involved, so I began by asking my Sunday school teacher if we could partner with Love Life, which we did on Oct 29th. Through a church friend coming to the Prayer Walk with me and hearing the Tragic Truths of abortion, weeks later she told me of her friend that was in an unplanned pregnancy who was scheduled for a abortion at the Latrobe clinic and wanted me to talk with her. After sharing my story with her friend, she courageously chose life and I have the incredible honor of being her mentor and becoming a close friend to her.  She and her baby are both growing beautifully – spiritually and physically. 

I am so thankful and forever grateful for the step of faith that was taken to start Love Life and for the incredible work God is doing through Love Life to intercede and bring healing to so many families in desperate need of the love of Jesus!

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