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"I Had 3 Abortions in 4 Years" - Kim's Story of Redemption

I was raised in a church going home, I knew right from wrong, I knew sex was to be saved for marriage; however, at the height of the sexual revolution, I was young and being influenced by culture - within 4 years I had 3 abortions.  50% of women having one abortion will have multiple.

The abortion experience was horrific; dehumanizing really.  No concern or compassion just herded in like cattle.

My 20’s were filled with drugs, alcohol and men.  I was out of control, desperate and running from God.

In 1991 I quit running, surrendered my life to Christ, repented of my sins and God began changing me.  But the pain of abortion - that was hidden away very deeply.

For years I felt dead inside – worthless; I struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts and intense shame and anger.  These are symptoms of Post-Abortion Trauma and 40% of post-abortive women have this struggle.

In 1996 I participated in a Bible study called Forgiven & Set Free.  Through this study God brought about a healing I didn’t know I needed and a freedom I never thought possible.  Forgiveness is a step in time but healing is a journey and a process. By God’s grace I’ve been walking in wholeness and freedom for over 20 years.

What the enemy meant for my destruction God is using for good - for the saving of many lives!  I’ve been privileged to lead many women along this healing journey and have watched God perform miracles. What He’s done for me He can do for you!  There is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus! Because who the Son sets free is free indeed!

If you or someone you know is overcome with fear, guilt or shame regarding a past abortion, we invite you to connect with Restored Life. This is a ministry that exists to walk beside post abortive men and women and help them experience true healing and freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn more about Restored Life by clicking HERE.

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