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In The Midst of Our Greatest Struggle, God Used LoveLife to Point Us Towards Adoption -The Perreault

Married in 2011, Greg and Macie Perreault always knew they wanted a big family. After easily getting pregnant with their first son Porter, they never imagined having complications with future pregnancies. The Perreault’s decided to start trying again when Porter was around eight months old but this time, something was off. Six months went by, then a year, then eighteen months. It was at this point the couple began wondering if something was wrong.

At the urging of family and friends, Greg and Macie began exploring fertility treatments as an option to help them conceive but from the get go, neither of them felt at peace about it. “We just didn’t feel like this was the way in which God was going to grow our family,” says Macie. “We were able to get pregnant with Porter so obviously there’s nothing wrong, we just need to trust God’s timing” adds Greg.

In the midst of their struggle with infertility, Greg and Macie had been introduced to Love Life during July of 2016 and immediately felt called to the ministry. Macie began volunteering regularly at the prayer walks and it was during one such walk that the Lord began speaking to her about adoption as a means of growing their family.

Today Greg and Macie have one biological son, Porter, an adopted son, Judah and are awaiting the arrival of a baby girl, Brighton Mae. Watch and hear their story of learning to trust God in the midst of tremendous hardships, as God used Love Life to open their hearts and minds to adoption.

Have you felt the Lord stirring your heart towards adoption or foster care? We are actively walking beside families as they navigate the foster and adoption process in an attempt to end the Orphan Crisis in our city. If you feel the Lord is calling you to explore how you can become involved in foster care or adoption, we invite you to visit our Orphan Care page to learn more about the options available as well as how we can come alongside and support you on this journey.

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